Tera Vannoy Photography has moved!

To read more about this inspiration and to see my latest photo sessions, check out my new website by clicking on the link below:


I am currently focusing on lifestyle sessions and portrait sessions.  These areas have a been a great joy for me to work in and I am so glad to be able to focus my attention in this area of photography.  I will also be a available for creative and artistic collaborations.

The day I thought would never come has arrived.  After much thought and research, I decided to switch from Nikon to Canon.  I have been a Nikon camera user for the last 15 years and I still believe that their products are spectacular. Nevertheless, Canon, I believe, will work better for me in the long run, especially with my focus in portraiture.  With this change you may notice a difference from my older work to my newer work.  Mainly, I will now be using a full frame camera, one that has double the megapixels and many other updates that come from a new model.  I hope that change will be better for my clients as well as serve me when working on other projects.

What else is new?

  1. Several options to choose from for your portrait or lifestyle session(s)
  2. Prepared concepts that take all the guesswork out of choosing your portrait session theme
  3. Downloadable images for printing and sharing
  4. Documentation sessions for those who want to be a part of the memories instead of being behind a camera or phone

A new camera, a new website and a new brand.  I hope you like the new changes and I hope we get to work together very soon!